Czech TV: TV design and programme trailers

Multicare - Video presentation of award winning hospital bed - Linet

Forum 2000: TV series

BASE: video presentation for a architecture design exhibition in Manes gallery

Green forest: film commercial - Greenpeace Austria

Smart Shop: design for teleshopping program

EUnet: advertising TV spot EUnet Czechia

Pampers: advertising spot - Bates Satchi and Satchi advertising

Ultraslim: advertising spot - Bates Satchi and Satchi advertising

We teach computers how to think: corporate video presentation - Neurotec GmbH

Octera and Avataria: concept and visualisation of 3D multi-user virtual worlds - Artificial life Inc

Tennis match award winning experimental film

DRIVE: music video - Jan Hammer

BLESK: 30 advertising TV spots for daily newspaper - McCann Ericson

2000+1: 12-part TV series - Czech TV