Digital media production and postproduction studio

TRIMEDIA studio, run by Futurola Ltd, offers complete creative and technical solutions and services in the area of TV, INTERNET and MULTIMEDIA design, presentation and digital postproduction. We have more than five years of experience in TV, Internet and multimedia design, video, film and TV production and digital post-production, live TV and Internet broadcasting, creation of Internet and multimedia presentations and software applications, CD-ROM/DVD authoring and production, user interface design, 3D web presentations, 3D visualisation and on-line multi-user communities. The company’s full time staff of 15 people consists of digital-media designers, TV and interactive media directors, animators, editors, programmers, Internet and multimedia specialists. In the area of research and development of 3D visualisation, 3D web application and the creative use of interactive media TRIMEDIA closely co-operates with the Czech Technical University and Academy of Performing Arts Film and TV school. TRIMEDIA functions on a project basis, co-operating with a number of companies and specialists, both domestic and international. It is our ability to combine different media that enables us to meet the needs of digital multimedia productions and deliver high-end creative and technical solutions for all digital media platforms.